CIMB bank is unavailable from 26/10/2020 15.00pm until 20.00pm sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks CIMB银行从26/10/2020 15.00pm直至20.00pm 如有不便之处,敬请见谅。谢谢 CIMB bank tidak tersedia dari 26/10/2020 15.00pm Sehingga 20.00pm, maaf atas sebarang kesulitan yang timbul. Terima kasihCongratulations! You're the w1nner of Newt0wn Weekly Lucky Draw, please visit Livechat to claim your bonus Weekly Lucky Draw Winner (25/10/2020 ) -1st Prize MYR333 la***sayi**[email protected] -2nd Prize MYR233 K***kid***[email protected] -3rd Prize MYR133 a**rew_L** -le***[email protected] -sa***[email protected] -al**a**[email protected] -ka***ll*[email protected] -di**[email protected] -pau***[email protected] -Che****i66* -umb****awo** -solo***man3*** -we**yJo* -An****ee97** -Pe***Lau**[email protected] -Be*_H** -Ja***Te**[email protected] -ab**ham2*[email protected] -d**ny790** -to**yJ*[email protected] -Ti**__Ch*[email protected] -Wa***[email protected] -yy5***[email protected] -edw****nwi**[email protected] -zo**[email protected] -fu******[email protected] -te******b*[email protected] -vict*****i**[email protected] -zan***ara** -su**wom**** -gh***t_0*[email protected] -kim****yo**[email protected] -t******[email protected]03/02/2018 918kiss , Xe88 , Mega888 only acceptable slots game ( Oncen King category , casino category , mutiplayer game category is no allow ) All mutiple game is no allow if member still play that game , won money will be forfeit and refund deposit money. Welcome to NTC33! | (GMT+8)
MYR 10,108,095.00