918Kiss Review

Casinos are becoming increasingly popular today as they are a great source of enjoyment, relaxation, and money-making for the public. However, not many people in Malaysia or Singapore want to go to a physical casino due to their busy schedule and the ongoing pandemic as well. That is where online casinos come in place because you can play any game at any time from your bedroom, couch, or office desk no matter wherever you are located in Malaysia or Singapore.

When it comes to online casinos, 918Kiss is among the best online casinos in Malaysia & Singapore due to its superb gaming and customer care services. In this article, we’ve dropped a detailed 918Kiss review so that you can get any information you need and gear up to enjoy a non-stop gaming and gambling experience.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Online Casino?

It is very important to choose the right online casino in Malaysia and Singapore to ensure fair play, secure payments, and protection of your private credentials. 

The reason is that there are many scam casinos out there that will either take your deposit payment then block you, start rigging different games, leak out your private details such as financial info, identity details, and even refusing to payout your winnings. What makes it even worse is that once they have done any fraud with you, you won’t be able to report anything as those scam online casinos are not accountable to anyone as they’re just there to scam you and get away with it.

To prevent all this from happening, there’s a big need that you must choose a legit and genuine online casino that is licensed and audited by international organizations such as 918Kiss. The fact is that licensed online casinos like 918Kiss are trustable as all of their gaming, gambling, payment gateways, and security systems are audited by licensing authorities and declared and certified to be fair. It means that you can play at licensed online casinos like 918Kiss because they are completely trustable with a good reputation and thousands of players all across Singapore and Malaysia. 

Now, you are probably more curious than before to know more about 918Kiss so that you can also enjoy nonstop casino gaming and gambling experience straight from your home or office in Malaysia and Singapore. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into it.

What is 918Kiss?

918Kiss is one of the leading online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore that is offering a smooth, superb casino gaming and gambling experience to thousands of players all across Singapore and Malaysia.

History of 918Kiss Online Casino

918Kiss was officially launched in 2018 but it’s in the market even before that and it was known as SCR888. After its rebranding from SCR888 to 918Kiss, it has reached new heights of fame with thousands of players from all across Singapore & Malaysia. 918Kiss has a vast variety of games available to play for the players. It’s easy to use and provides excellent payment and private credentials security to its players. 

Key Features of 918Kiss

918Kiss has a lot of key features that make it special and different from other online casinos. Let’s take a look at the best key features of 918Kiss:

1. Very Easy to Use

The factor which includes 918Kiss among the list of best online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore is that it is easy & convenient to use. They have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use for everyone. From login, deposit, and withdrawal to playing different games, there’s nothing complex. Everything is clear, smooth, and easy to use for the players.

2. Mobile Supported 

Today, not everyone got a laptop or PC at home to play online casino games. If you are also one of them then there’s nothing to worry about because 918Kiss is available on the mobile phone as well. It doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone or Android! You can enjoy an unlimited casino gaming experience at anytime and anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore with the help of your mobile phone. This flexible accessibility makes 918Kiss a great choice for every casino lover.

3. Huge Variety of Games

The most common complaint you will hear from people about the online casinos would be that there were very few games to play for them. However, 918Kiss is not like that. You will have plenty of games to choose from & play at 918Kiss, no matter whether you are a big fan of traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, or you want to play modern casino games like fishing, racing, slots, and shooting. You can try your luck at any of your favorite games & win money sitting at your home anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore.

4. Security at par with International Standards

The thing that concerns the people most about online casinos is their security. No one would like to get their private identity details or financial info like bank account number getting leaked out. You also probably don’t want to get blocked after depositing your money or getting deprived of your winning payout. 918Kiss has an excellent security system that is at par with international standards. All your sensitive private info is encrypted and is in safe hands so that one gets access to it and uses it for illegal purposes. Moreover, 918Kiss also has an effective security and protection system in place to prevent any hackers or exploiters from rigging the game. It means that you can peacefully enjoy fair gaming at any time you want. 918Kiss respects and values the privacy of its customers and it has taken out enough measures to protect it at all costs.

5. Licensed by International Authorities

Another great thing is that 918Kiss online casino is licensed by the international authorities. When we say that a casino is licensed, it means that all of its gaming systems, software, payment gateways, and security systems are audited by the licensing authorities and certified to be fair. So, 918Kiss online casino is the way to go for you because it got everything you need to enjoy a fully secure, fair, and nonstop casino gaming experience.

6. Superb Customer Care

Honoring the players and respecting their integrity is the core of the policy of the 918Kiss administration. This is the reason why they have a superb customer care system in place. 918Kiss team is always willing to do more than they can to solve your problems and help you enjoy unlimited gaming and gambling experience from anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore.

Bonuses & Promotions Offered at 918Kiss

The only thing every casino player loves to have is bonuses and promotions. Do 918Kiss offer bonuses and promotions to its players? The answer is yes! They offer countless attractive promotions and bonuses to keep the players coming back to the casino and enjoy the nonstop thrill of gambling at 918Kiss. So what do they offer you at 918Kiss? Let’s take a look.

1. Welcome Bonus – 150%

Like we said above that customer care is the core policy of 918Kiss online casino, so they provide a 150% welcome bonus to the new players who have just signed up. It means that if you are a complete beginner and just deposited RM100, you will be given an additional welcome bonus of 150 RM which will take your total to 250 RM. The welcome bonus is an excellent opportunity for new players to start their career at R18Kiss without any financial hesitation.

2. Daily Reload Bonus – 50%

The bonuses and promotions are not limited to the welcome bonus only because there’s a lot more to what 918Kiss offers to its loyal customers. If you’re also a loyal 918Kiss customer who’s playing regularly, then there’s good news for you that 918Kiss will give you a 50% bonus on every daily reload. Just open up the app & claim your bonus to enjoy the thrill and excitement of casino gambling.

3. Deposit the Money & Win Prizes

The even best thing about 918Kiss is that you have chances to win exciting prizes upon depositing the money. So, what are you waiting for? Deposit your money today and get a chance to win iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and an Apple Watch. It’s a win-win situation for you as on one side, you will be playing games with your deposited money while on the other side, your deposit will provide you chances to win other prizes as well.

4. Birthday Bonuses

918Kiss also provides a birthday bonus of up to RM158 that will help you to gamble fearlessly and make your career in the gambling world.

918Kiss Games Collection

It’s safe to say that 918Kiss got the best collection of games among all the other online casinos in Malaysia & Singapore. Whether you are a fan of traditional table games or modern casino games, you will find a good quality & quantity of games at 918Kiss. From fishing, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette to poker, you will find everything here. Let’s take a look at the game collection of 918Kiss online casino:

1. Fishing Games

The fishing games at 918Kiss are of great quality due to their detailed graphics and smooth gameplay. De Shen Nao Hai & Ocean King are two remarkable fishing shooting games that are not only fun & exciting to play but also very profitable. The smooth relaxing music and superb visuals of these games attract thousands of players every day.

2. Traditional Table Games

Not everyone is a fan of modern casino games like fish shooting and for that, we have the traditional table games available at 918Kiss as well. You enjoy playing baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette, and Sic Bo at the 918Kiss gaming app and gamble straight from your home or office anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore.

3. 918Kiss Arcade Games

918Kiss offers a category of arcade games as well along with the other games. You can select your favorite arcade game from a vast collection like racing cars, sharks, and poker, etc.

Is 918Kiss Online Casino Rigged?

No, not at all!

The games at 918Kiss online casino are not rigged because 918Kiss online casino is an internationally licensed casino and all of their gaming software, payment gateways, and security systems are audited by the licensing authorities and declared to be fair. 

Moreover, the fact is that all the casino games have a house edge over the players, which ensures that the casino is always on the winning side and generating the due profit. So, the question here is that when the 918Kiss casino already has the house edge and they are already generating their due profit then why they would destroy their reputation by rigging any casino game for the sake of a few bucks.  

918Kiss has built a good reputation through years of hard work and they have thousands of loyal customers from all across Singapore & Malaysia. If they’re caught rigging for once, all of their good reputation & thousands of loyal customers would vanish in just a matter of time. All of their business & profit would be destroyed because no one would like to play at a casino that is notorious for rigging. 

So, there’s no need to worry because 918Kiss believes in fair play to provide excellent and smooth casino gaming & gambling experience to its players.

How to Win at 918Kiss Online Casino?

If you are willing to try your luck on any of your favorite game at 918Kiss, then here are some tips that will help you win in 918kiss:

1. Learn Betting Techniques

Betting the right way is an art that can do wonders for you in the world of gambling. Learn all the effective betting strategies and implement them into your game to see the results. For example, you can use the Martingale betting strategy (retain the bet when you win & double when you lose) and the D’alembert strategy (decrease the bet when you win & increase when you lose). These strategies are designed to turn the money flow on your side & help you come out profitable.

2. Know the Game

Don’t be stupid to quickly put your money at stake before knowing about the game you are going to play. Take your time to know the rules of the game along with all the effective basic and advanced strategies that will help you get better at the game & increase your winning chances. 

If you want to play 918kiss on pc, please refer to our previous guide for more info.