Golden Monkey Mega888 Review

If you are a big fan of the monkeys, aesthetics, and nature, then there is good news for you that your favorite slot game may be the Golden Monkey at Mega888 online casino. There is a vast variety of games available to play at Mega888 and Golden Monkey is among the best ones of them.

A lot of you may not be familiar with the game and that is why decided to write an article covering a detailed Golden Monkey Mega888 review where you can find all the information related to the game. So let’s jump into the article without wasting an iota of time.

Golden Monkey Mega888 Review

Knowing about a casino game and understanding it before putting your money at stake is one of the best habits that you can adopt in your gambling & casino gaming career.

Many players act like they know everything and jump into a random game without knowing a word about it. Later they end up wasting their hard-earned money along with a lot of frustration and disappointment. The reason is that their expectations were too high like, ‘yeah! We know how to deal with this game’ but when they step into the game, they face a lot of agonies as they don’t even know what’s going on in the game.

That is the exact reason why we decided to educate you about the Golden Monkey game so that you can know the game better and make your decision accordingly.

What is Golden Monkey?

Golden Monkey is a video slot game that you can play online from your home or office with the help of the Mega888 online casino gaming app & the internet.

The game is aesthetically decorated with very attractive ancient Asian symbols, trees, monkeys, temples, herbs, alphabets, and letters which show that the game is a blend of nature, culture, & pure aesthetics.

This video slot game has a solid fan base because Golden Monkey is a very famous and renowned character in ancient Chinese culture & history. Probably that’s the reason why the game is like by scores of players and they keep coming back again & again to play it.

The nice and smooth graphics of the game along with the little details make the game very interesting to play & the choice of color in the theme of the game keeps the players deeply connected and absorbed into the game for ensuring an excellent and non-disruptive gaming experience. There are a total of 5 reels and 50 pay lines in the game which make it even more thrilling and exciting due to the diversity, element of unpredictability, & surprise that anything can happen at any spin.

So, this is what the Golden Monkey video slot game is. Here the next thing in your mind would be that how can you play the game? We got that covered for you as well.

How to Play Golden Monkey at Mega888?

You need to follow these steps to play Golden Monkey:

1. Join Mega888 Online Casino

Golden Monkey video slot game is hosted by the Mega888 online casino so you will have to join the Mega888 platform to be able to play Golden Monkey.

All you have to do is to go to their website or install their app and sign up by filling in the required data to get your ready-to-play account instantly. You don’t have to pay any fees or go anywhere because you can do everything you want straight from your home or anywhere else on your mobile phone.

2. Deposit Money to Play

Once you have got yourself registered at the Mega888 online casino gaming platform, the next step is to deposit your money because you are required to pay for playing Golden Monkey.

You will have to connect your bank account with the payment gateway of Mega888 and deposit the money you want to play with. Once you have deposited your money, the Mega888 team will transfer credits in your casino wallet which you can utilize to play Golden Monkey.

3. Play the Game

Once you have got the required credits then now it is time to kick off the game.

Golden Monkey video slot game is quite simple like other slot games. You have to hit the spin button and all the reels will start spinning. Every reel has different symbols over it. When the reels stop spinning, they give out a specific symbol. If all the symbols given out by the reels match each other then you will be declared as a winner and you will get your winning payout which will depend upon the size and type of your placed bet. 

 Moreover, there are certain bonuses and multipliers in the game which you can access to boost up your point score and receive an even bigger winning payout.

Winning Strategy for Golden Monkey

Now you have understood what Golden Monkey is and how the game works. It’s time to explore the basic strategies that will help you get better at the game & increase your winning chances.

1. Practice your Game

If this is your first time playing Golden Monkey, then we recommend that you avoid rushing for playing the paid version of the game. Take it easy and learn everything relevant about Golden Monkey. Learn the rules of the game and all the terminologies & concepts of the gameplay. It is very important because if you will lack a basic sense of the game, you will have no idea what is going on in the game when you are playing.

So, start from learning rules and then move on to the basic and advanced strategies of the game that will help you win at Golden Monkey. You can even try playing the demo versions of the game to at least understand the atmosphere and conditions of the game by having a real-time experience.

2. When to Stop

When playing Golden Monkey, you must know when you should stop. It’s because the Golden Monkey video slot is very addictive and you will like to keep playing it again & again to chase more money.

But as you know that greed is a curse, so here is why you should not play Golden Monkey for too long:

Always keep in mind that all the casino games including Golden Monkey have a house edge over the player which ensures that the casino is always on the winning & profitable side. Therefore, it is never a great idea to play Golden Monkey for a longer time because the house edge is going to give an assured loss out of nowhere and send you home taking all the money from your pocket.

Once you feel that you have won enough, just finish the game and save your earned profit because it’s all about how much profit you got at the end. No one is going to care how long you played or how well you played, only the winning amount matters in the end.

Bonus tip: If you need additional help in any Mega888 slot games, please feel free to contact newtown live support. Our professional team will answer every question you have in mind.