How to predict baccarat result

Baccarat is one of the traditional casino table card games played by thousands of players in Malaysia & Singapore every day. The game is full of thrill and surprise because it is way more unpredictable than what the players think about it.

Everywhere you will see discussions going on about whether if one should place a wager on the banker or the player’s side. So how do you know which side is going to win in baccarat? If you are also looking for an answer to this question then you are lucky to be here because we are going to explore how to predict baccarat results. Is it even possible to predict the results or not?

Let’s take a deeper dive into the article because there is a lot to learn for you today.

Baccarat Prediction Tricks 

Baccarat is mostly about luck and predicting its result cannot be that easier as you think.

However, it does not mean that you can just sit hopelessly thinking that you will never be able to predict the game’s results and place your bet accordingly. Over the past years, baccarat players have devised certain strategies that can help you to predict the results of baccarat so let’s take a detailed look at them.

1. Find Repeating Patterns & Ratios

Playing with numbers is a lot of fun and sometimes the data obtained from numbers can even help you solve big problems. You can also use the numbers to solve the mystery of predicting the baccarat results. So here’s what you should do:

Whenever you are playing baccarat, just take a paper & pen and start writing down the results of each hand. This way you will have a series of data depicting the repeating patterns of baccarat results and you can use it to make an educated guess and predict the results of baccarat.

Sounds too complex? Let’s make it super easy with an example.

Suppose you played 5 hands of baccarat and here’s the result you got:

  • 1st Hand – Banker
  • 2nd Hand – Banker
  • 3rd Hand – Player  
  • 4th Hand – Banker
  • 5th Hand -?

Here you can see a certain pattern that the result of the first two rounds was ‘banker’, the third round showed player and the fourth round was banker again. Now the ratio of the data we got above is Banker: Banker: Player: Banker. So what will be the result of the fifth hand? Obviously, it will be a banker because we are seeing a repeating pattern of 2:1:2. 

This strategy can help you predict the approximate results of baccarat if not the exact results. 

2. Use Big Road Strategy

There are many other strategies that the players use to predict the results of baccarat and a big road is one of them. Just like the strategy mentioned above, you will again take the help of data to predict the results. 

In the Big Road strategy, you will create columns depicting the results of each hand and later you will have a sequence of data that you will again use for predicting the results of baccarat.

You will create 2 separate columns (with 6 rows as a limit) for the banker and player’s side respectively and whenever you get a result, you will mention it in the respective column. Let’s take another example to make it easy to understand: 

Suppose you got 6 consecutive results on the banker side and 3 consecutive results on the player side. So here’s how you will make the columns:

Banker’s Column

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Player’s Column

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Now again if you get results on the banker side, you create a new column for banker and add the relevant results in it. Similarly, if you get results on the player side then you will add those results in the player’s column above. When you reach the limit of 6 rows, you will make a new column and start adding the results there. Later on, you can compare the data collected in all the columns and see which side is coming more frequently or repeating in a pattern.

In more simple words, you will create 2 columns for the banker and the player’s side. When you get the banker side in the result, you will add it in the banker’s column and when you get the player side as a result you will add it in the player’s column. After collecting the data, you will compare all the columns and the side repeating more frequently in a pattern will be the favorite one.

3. Avoid the Tie Bet

In baccarat, a tie bet has a payout ratio of 8:1. It looks very attractive and pleasing to many players and they place the wager on a tie bet. What they ignore is that the tie bet has a very high house edge of up to 15% which means that you are rarely going to win a tie bet. 

House edge is a mathematical advantage that the house has over you. If the house edge is higher, you will have fewer winning chances and if the house edge is lower then you will have more winning chances.

In the case of a tie bet, the house edge is up to 15% which makes it a very bad choice for any player.

4. Choose the Banker’s Side

Unlike the tie bet where the house edge is 15%, the banker’s side can be much safer for a prediction or placing a wager because it has a very low house edge of up to 1% only. 

Therefore, there are exponentially more chances that the banker’s side is going to win more frequently as compared to the other side due to the lower house edge it offers.

Can You Predict Baccarat Results – Honest Opinion

If you are really looking for an honest answer then the truth is that you cannot predict the results of baccarat easily. Mostly, it all depends on your luck.

The reason behind this is that the baccarat game proceeds according to a certain set of rules and it is next to impossible to influence or predict the results of the game. Baccarat is like a coin flipping in the air; just like you cannot predict which side of the coin is going to land, you also cannot predict the results of baccarat. You can use the strategies we have mentioned above that can help you guess the results of baccarat and make a successful prediction. 

Baccarat & Blackjack are considered to be a lot similar as both of them are card games. However, the basic difference between both of them is that in blackjack, you can utilize your skills and strategies to counter every move of the dealer to influence or predict the results of the game whereas, in Baccarat, there is no such thing. Once the cards are drawn out, you cannot do much to predict or influence the results of the game.

Final Words

Predicting the exact results of baccarat is not an easy thing to do because it’s all about your luck. However, you can use the strategies we have dropped above to have better chances of making an accurate guess or prediction because you never know when that fortunate moment arrives and blesses you with success.

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