How to predict numbers on roulette machine

Roulette is among the top few casino games that are widely played all across the world. The game itself is full of thrill & excitement because it is completely unpredictable and anything can happen at any moment. Is roulette all luck?

For a long time, roulette players have been looking for any possible tip or trick that can help them predict the exact landing number of the ball. If you are also a roulette player, you are also looking for the same tricks and that’s why you are here reading this article. Do you want to know how to predict numbers on roulette machines? Is it even possible to count numbers on a roulette machine? Come, let’s find out in this guide.

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a traditional casino table game that is played by thousands of players across the globe. The game is simple, there’s a roulette wheel with a ball and a total of 36 to 37 numbers over it. The wheel starts spinning a ball is thrown into the fast-spinning wheel. You have to predict the number where the ball will be landing when the wheel stops spinning. If you predict the right number, you will get a winning payout depending upon the size of your bet. 

The Roulette Formula: How to Predict the Exact Number?

A vast majority of people think that relying on luck is the only option when it comes to predicting the numbers on a roulette wheel. That is true to some extent because roulette is very much unpredictable and it is usually tough to guess the exact landing number of the ball. Maybe you know this or not but the world’s renowned scientist Albert Einstein also tried his luck to beat the game of roulette with all of his superb knowledge of physics and mathematics but he failed. In the end, he said, “No one can defeat the game of roulette unless he steals money from the table when the dealer is not looking at him”.

However, our take is that you should not entirely rely on your luck in roulette. You should also utilize some of your skills and strategies as they will improve your luck and help you win more often. 

So, what are the strategies that you should use to predict the exact roulette numbers? Let’s check them out.

Roulette Prediction Formula

 Follow these tips & tricks to improve your chances of predicting the exact number in roulette:

1. Watch the Dealer’s Signatures

It is human nature that each of us has a unique pattern of doing something. For example, each of us has a different walking style, different sitting style, and different talking style. Similarly, the roulette dealers out there also have a unique pattern of spinning the wheel and landing the ball at a specific region. 

So, the idea we are trying to convey here is that you can keep an eye on a specific dealer and note the pattern they follow while landing the ball. It’s like some dealer maybe landing the ball more frequently on 1-12 numbers while some maybe landing the ball more frequently on 13-24 or 24-36 numbers. So, like this, you can keep observing the dealer’s every spin and then guess according to the repeating patterns. 

Theoretically, this idea seems very effective but implementing it practically may be a little bit difficult. But it’s just so much better than making a guess blindfolded. At least you will have a real chance backed by solid logic because when a dealer is repeatedly landing similar types of numbers, there are chances that they might land a similar type of number once again.

2. Predict by Visual Analysis

The next idea is to predict the landing position of the ball based upon your visual analysis. There’s no complex rocket science behind it. What you should do is use your brain and try analyzing the speed and movement of the ball.

It’s like making a prediction based on how fast or slow is the ball moving, how many bounces it can take in a particular pocket, and then where it may land. Here you might be thinking that it’s just a stupid move and next to impossible. But the thing is that gambling is all about predicting the impossible and difficult things. It’s all about luck; anything can happen at any time. So, you should definitely give it a try.

3. Use a Pocket Computer

A pocket computer is a tool that will predict the landing number of the ball after analyzing its speed, movement, and spin. However, using a pocket computer is completely illegal in a lot of casinos and if you are caught using it you may end up in prison for a long time along with some heavy fines. 

The pocket computer works in a way that it analyzes the speed, angle, spin, and track movement of the ball to determine the exact landing position of the ball in roulette. The interesting thing is that even a pocket computer cannot predict the exact landing number because it’s just next to impossible.

4. Try Predicting on Biased Wheels

In some casinos, certain roulette wheels have malfunctioned but they are still running as no one from the casino administration has noticed them. Biased wheels often give out the same type of number every time and they are relatively easier to predict. 

However, finding biased roulette wheels is not that easier and it is somewhat difficult to find. But if you find one somewhere, never forget to give it a try.

Most Repeated Numbers in Roulette

Generally, the roulette numbers that come up are completely random and independent. It means that the result of a particular spin will have nothing to do with the previous or next spin. However, roulette players have observed some patterns over the years to predict the roulette numbers that repeat the most:

Seventeen – 17 

The number 17 is among the most repeating numbers as it has a strategically important location right in the middle of the wheel.

Twenty Four & Twenty Three – 23, 24

The numbers 23 & 24 are known to be the most repeating ones as they both are located together on the wheel.

Seven – 7 

The number 7 is considered the luckiest number in the world of roulette and that’s why it’s also among the most repeating numbers.

How to Calculate Roulette Number?

Here’s a simple formula to calculate roulette number:

Divide the outcome number with the total numbers on the wheel and then multiply it by 100 to find the probability percentage of a number.

For example, you want to check the probability of the number 20. Then, you will divide it with the total numbers on the roulette wheel (37 in most cases) and then multiply with 100. 

So in the case of 20, here’s what you will do:

20/37*100 = 54% is the probability of the number 20 on a table of 37 numbers.

Roulette Prediction Chart

Here is a 4 simple tips chart that will help you predict the roulette number:

  1. Watch the Dealer’s Signature
  2. Use Pocket Computer
  3. Use Visual Analysis
  4. Try Biased Roulette Wheel

Secret Roulette Algorithm

There have been many attempts by the IT experts to prepare an algorithm for predicting the exact roulette number, but it has been proven flawed due to several factors such as the speed, spin, and movement of the ball varies every time & that is why it becomes quite difficult to predict the exact landing position.

We recommend you go with the strategies we dropped above and leave the rest of things on your luck because roulette is the game of chance and it is all about luck.

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