How to win at NetEnt online slots

Today, NetEnt is one of the leading and biggest online casino game developers in the entire casino industry. They are famously known everywhere due to the high-quality games they bring for the players. From live table games to modern online casino slots, you will just get everything there. If you have ever played any of NetEnt online slot games you are probably familiar that their slot games are just flawless.

We have been asked by a lot of NetEnt online slot players that how do they make their way to the victory and that’s why today we are going to share some super effective and proven tips & tricks that are going to help you win at NetEnt online slots and make more money. So, how to win at NetEnt online slots? Come on let’s find out.

NetEnt Online Slots – Everything You Need to Win

A lot of people think that NetEnt online slots are just about their luck and they cannot do anything to win the game. That may be true to some extent but there is a lot else you can do to win NetEnt slot games. The fact is that there are certain hidden parameters that you need to learn and then you will be ready to ace at NetEnt slot games and win more often.

In this article, you are going to find all the hidden parameters along with the tips & tricks you need to implement in the game to win. So let’s check out what you need to do.

1. Bank Balance & Number of Bets

When you are talking about playing & winning NetEnt online slots, your bank balance & the number of bets you place matters a lot.

Studies have shown that if an account has placed fewer than 100 bets then the chances of it winning something big are quite low. On the other hand, those accounts with more than 100+ bets have better chances of winning big. 

Here you might be wondering that what does the number of bets has to do with winning at NetEnt online slots than the thing is that during all the gaming process, the software of the game keeps an eye on the amount of money available in your account and the number of bets you have placed in total. It has been observed that people won more often at NetEnt online slots when they had placed a lot of bets.

What you need to understand is that when you will have more money in your casino account, you will be able to place more bets, when you will place more bets then you will have more chances of winning. The reason behind this is that all the online slots including NetEnt don’t payout on every single spin. Therefore, you will have to try more spins to win. 

For example, imagine if you had only 5 spins but the prize was waiting for you at the 8th spin? If you had like 10 spins available then you would have easily won at the 8th spin. To sum up, placing more bets is the key to win at NetEnt online slots.

2. Make Large Deposits & Place Smaller Bets

The second tip you should follow to win at NetEnt online slots is that you should make large deposits but place small wagers.

There is a solid reason behind this is that the software used by NetEnt online slot games classifies the players into different categories based on their style of gaming & betting. 

When you will make large deposits, the system will place you in a more favorable category. Moreover, another perk of making large deposits is that you will be able to make more bets. Don’t be a nerd and place all of your money in a single bet. Instead, be smart and divide the big amount you deposited into smaller bets. For example, you deposited $10,000. Now you should not rush yourself to finish all of them in a single go. Instead, divide them into smaller bets such as $10. With $10 you can make countless bets from your total of $10,000. This way you will also fulfill the tip mentioned in the above topic.

3. Must-Try the Demo Version

Let’s play with a little funny example.

Imagine you are a doctor and someone puts you in the cockpit of an airplane flying at 10,000 feet. Will you be able to fly the plane and land it safely? No, you won’t be because you don’t even know about the basics of flying an airplane. Of course, you will try using the controls and press the buttons here and there but eventually, you will end up crashing the plane.

Similarly, if you don’t have any idea about the NetEnt online slot games and you just randomly deposit your money and start playing the games then the winning chances of you winning will be exactly like a doctor trying to land a plane he does not know anything about in the given example. You will also eventually end up losing because you don’t even know the basics of the game and how the game works. 

Therefore, we recommend you spend some time playing the free demo versions of the game which will help you get a very comprehensive idea of the game. You will get to know about the controls, different multipliers, and bonuses of the game. This way when you will step into the real game, you will have way better chances of winning than a complete beginner as you will have a good understanding of the gameplay and the tricks that lead you to win. 

So never forget to play the demo versions of the game before stepping into the paid version.

4. Always Claim Bonuses & Promotions

When playing NetEnt online slots, everyone wishes to get more and more spins because you never know when the odds turn on your side and you end up winning a mega grand prize. However, for getting more spins, you have to pay more money to the casino. None of us can afford to pay all of our money to the casinos unless someone is a billionaire. 

So what’s the solution? Does it mean that you got no chances of winning at NetEnt slots if you can’t pay more money to the casinos? No, that’s not true!

NetEnt slot games offer you a lot of bonuses and promotions for which you can claim to get more chances at the slots. There are a lot of bonuses such as welcome bonus, free spins, no deposit bonus, invite a friend bonus, daily and weekly login bonuses, etc.  

Never forget to claim all of these bonuses when you are eligible to collect them. It will give you a lot more chances for free and you can win at any of the taken chances. 


The results of NetEnt online slots may depend upon your luck but never forget to try the proven and effective tips given above as they will significantly increase your chances of winning. Here’s a summary of all the tips:

  1. Place a lot of bets.
  2. Make large deposits but place smaller yet more bets.
  3. Practice by playing the demo version.
  4. Claim your promotions and bonuses regularly.

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