How to win Playtech slot

Playtech is one of the most profitable and leading casino game developers in Malaysia & Singapore. They are famous for creating some of the best and high-quality games for the players.

Whether you talk about audio, video, graphics, or visual effects, their games have always been up to the mark. That is the reason why Playtech slot games are always among the top few choices of every online casino player in Malaysia & Singapore.

If you are also interested in playing Playtech slots but don’t know how to win then this article is for you. We got a step-by-step guide on how to win a Playtech slot. 

Let’s explore all the things you need to do for winning at Playtech slots.

Playtech Slots – The Roadmap to Winning

You will find many people telling you that winning the Playtech slot games is not under your control and you cannot do much to influence the results of the game. But we got some proven & effective tips for you that significantly increase your chances of having a better outcome. 

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Choose the Slot with High RTP

All the casino games have an RTP percentage which stands for “Return to the player”. This percentage reflects how much percentage of total bets a slot machine will return to the players over time. The slot games with a higher RTP value have more chances for you to win as compared to the slot games with a lower RTP value. 

For example, let’s suppose a game has an RTP value of 98% then what does it means? Well, it means that if you will place a total of $100 bet on it then the game will back $98 and keep the rest of $2. Similarly, if a game has an RTP value of 10% then it means that if you will place a total of $100 wager then the game will only pay back $10 and keep the rest of $90. This way you will be able to determine which game is more profitable and which one is not. It will help you a lot with winning the game.

So whenever you decide to play a Playtech slot game, make sure to choose the one which has a higher RTP value. This way you will have very strong chances of winning and having a positive outcome. 

2. Prefer Games with Lower Payout

Usually, there are two types of games slot games at Playtech. The first type is the one with a higher payout and the second one is those with a lower payout.

The games which have a higher payout give you a bigger prize but you win rarely and less frequently. On the other hand, the games with a lower payout give you a small prize but you win more frequently.

So it is concluded that when you will play games with a bigger payout, you may win big prizes but you will have less probability of winning. On contrary, when you will play games with a lower payout, you will win a smaller prize yet you will win more frequently and have a high probability of winning.

Therefore, we recommend you prefer games with a lower payout as they offer you a high probability of winning.

3. Keep Learning

When you decide about playing any particular Playtech slot game, take some time and do some research to learn more about the game. Don’t start playing without knowing anything about the game because you will just keep losing money if you don’t know how to play the game.

 A simple Google search will provide you with tons of information like basic rules and effective strategies to win that game. You can even read our articles on this subject. This way when you will start playing the actual game, you will have very strong winning chances as you will have all the relevant knowledge to deal with certain scenarios in the game and come out victorious as a winner.

4. Learn the Betting

Gambling can never be profitable unless you know how to bet. We recommend you learn some effective betting techniques used by the professionals such as the D’alembert rule and the Martingale rule, etc. These strategies teach you how you can bet effectively but keeping your losses at a minimum & making more profit.

5. Only Risk the Money You Can Afford to Lose

The thing is that Playtech slot games are highly addictive and we have seen many players become careless and greedy while playing them. They want to play more games and put all the money they got at stake because they think that they will win all the games and become a billionaire overnight. But they don’t know that this is not how things work. Later on, when they lose, they realize that they have gone bankrupt which leads to more social, financial, and mental problems in their life.

 You must avoid this thing & have control over yourself. Only risk the money that you have in extra and which you can afford to lose. This approach towards online casino gaming will save you a lot of money, help you win more, and prevent a lot of social, mental, and financial problems in your life.

Best Playtech Slot Games – With RTP Percentages

As we were just telling you above that the key to win at Playtech slot games is to choose the game with a higher RTP value. So how do you know which Playtech slot game has a higher RTP value? Well, you don’t need to worry about that because we got it all covered for you. So here’s the thing:

1. The Goblin’s Cave

Payout Percentage (RTP) = 99.33%

If you are looking for a classical slot game that also features some modern characteristics then Goblin’s Cave by Playtech is the perfect choice for you. The game follows a classical 3×3 pattern which means that it has 3 pay lines and 3 reels. The game has a very beautiful and attractive design, there’s a funny goblin who is wearing worn-out shoes and cool glasses. The goblin manually spins the reels of the game which makes it quite interesting and engaging.

The 99.33% RTP value of the Goblin’s Cave is the highest among all the other slot games at Playtech. The RTP value suggests that out of the total 100 MYR bets, the game will pay back almost 99 MYR to the players.

2. The Ugga Bugga

Payout Percentage (RTP) = 99.08%

Ugga Bugga by Playtech is another classical slot game like the Goblin’s cave. However, the basic difference between both of these games is that Ugga Bugga has 10 pay lines whereas Goblin’s Cave has only 3 pay lines. 

The game features a jungle-life theme with a very beautifully decorated interface design. In the Ugga Bugga slot game, a golden mask symbol plays the role of a scatter symbol. If you will land 3 scatter symbols (golden mask) at once then you will win a mega prize amount that will be 1000x of your initial bet. Similarly, landing other symbols will help you unlock more combinations, and eventually, you will have solid chances of winning. 

3. The Night Out

Payout Percentage (RTP) = 97.07%

The third best Playtech slot game is the Night Out. This game has some relaxing and cartoonish colorful graphics that will make your eyes feel blessed. Some of you may find the graphics old-fashioned but it’s completely okay because it’s been a while since the game was launched. 

This game also features a lot of bonuses and combinations that provide you a golden opportunity to get that big score and make more money. The RTP percentage of this game is also very attractive which means that you will have good winning chances at the Night Out slot game. 

4. The Desert Treasure

Payout Percentage (RTP) = 97.06%

Desert treasure slot game by Playtech makes it our list because of the highly attractive payout percentage it offers to the players. The RTP value of 97.06% suggests that you are likely to have significant chances of winning here.

The game features an Egyptian theme and got all the beauty of desert life such as the pyramids, camels, date trees, compass, snakes, and much more. The rich aesthetics of the game will make you fall in love with it the moment you start playing. 

Desert treasure slot game follows a 5×20 pattern which means that there are 5 reels and 20 pay lines in the game. The good thing about the game is that the pay lines are not fixed and you are free to activate and deactivate the pay lines as per your choice. 

5. The Iron Man 2

Payout Percentage (RTP) = 96%

You are probably already a fan of Iron Man from the Marvel series. If yes, then you are going to love this game even more because its theme and design revolve around Iron Man. The graphics are just superb and the bonuses & jackpots make it much more interesting & engaging.

Final Thoughts

These were all the tips & tricks that you must follow if you want to win at Playtech slot games. Implementing these strategies in the game will increase your probability of winning and having a positive outcome.

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