Is slot machine programmed

Slot machines are one of the top few favorite casino games preferred by the players in Malaysia & Singapore. The reason is quite obvious that slot machines offer you a gaming saga that is full of unpredictability and surprise. You never know what’s the upcoming spin is going to bring for you. Either you will lose or you will become a millionaire.

However, at the same time, there have been a lot of concerns about the slot machines and their result. You will find many of the players complaining that the machines are already programmed and they deliberately make you lose. Is there any authentic proof behind any of such claims? Is slot machine programmed? You probably want to hear out on these questions and we are here to answer them for you.

Let’s steer deep into the article without wasting any time because you are going to learn a lot of knowledge today.

Are Slot Machines Programmed – Yes or No?

If you are looking for a quick answer on whether if the slot machines are programmed or not then here is the answer. 

Yes, modern slot machines are programmed. However, it does not mean that they are programmed for cheating or rigging at all. The fact is that just like a car needs fuel to work, the modern slot machines also need something to work. Like your car will not run unless you put some fuel into it, similarly, the modern slot machines are not going to run unless they are powered or programmed to do so.

Now as you know that slot machines are programmed, the next question in your mind would be that how are these slot machines programmed? Who is responsible for programming them and what are the processes involved in programming a slot machine? Let’s see the answers to these questions.

Who Programs a Slot Machine?

Whenever a casino decides that they are going to create a new slot game, they start with planning out everything. 

The planning process involves what the game will look like, how the game will work, what the players will have to do in the game, and all other administrative stuff like that. Planning is usually done by the casino owners with the help of designers.

Once the design of the slot game has been finalized, it is then sent to the software engineers. The engineers take the design and start working on it. 

What they do is that they write algorithms according to the design of the game and then convert it into the software which is then placed in the game and the game starts functioning exactly according to the algorithms inserted in its software.

If you don’t know what an algorithm is then keep in mind that an algorithm is a set of instructions that the engineers give to software to perform in a certain way under certain conditions.

Here you learned that who programs a slot machine, so next, it’s time to explore how a slot machine is programmed.

How are Slot Machines Programmed?

The thing is that slot machines are programmed by random number generator (RNG) software which can be more precisely defined as the brain of the slot machine. Just like your brain gives the order to perform different actions to your body, similarly, the RNG software also tells the slot machine what kind of results it should show on the screen.

The engineers write algorithms for RNG software to make it work in a way that always gives out a random number on every spin. The results given out by RNG software are completely individual and independent. It means that each result has nothing to do with the previous or next results. For example, if the system gives out the number 6 as result, there is no guarantee that whether if it’s going to give 6 again or a number bigger or smaller than 6 because everything is completely random and independent.

Is RNG Software Really Random?

 At this moment like the rest of us, probably you are also thinking that is RNG software really random? What if it just manipulated to make the players lose? How do they ensure that it is completely random?

Well, the fact is that all the casinos need a license to operate and they obtain that license only when their gaming software including RNG is found to be completely fair. The casinos spend a lot of money on the RNG software to ensure that it is random. They even pay third parties to test their software and ensure its randomization. Moreover, if you are playing at a licensed casino then there’s another perk that their RNG software has also been tested and checked by the licensing authorities and declared completely random. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Do They Program Slot Machine for Rigging?

Now as you know that slot machines are programmed and they have RNG software inserted in them which controls all of the game. The next question in your mind would be, can the casino control that RNG software to get the results of their choice? Is it possible or not?

 Well, the answer is no, it is not possible.

The reason behind this is that the RNG software works according to the instructions that were given to it in the form of algorithms when it was being developed. So, the casino cannot influence or control its results by any method. It completely follows the principle of randomness and independence. All the results generated by the RNG software are completely random and independent. They have no link with the previous or next results of the game. 

Moreover, the fact is that all the casino games including slot machines have a built-in mathematical advantage over the players. What it means is that it is mathematically impossible to beat the casino games in the longer run. Players may win some games individually but overall, the casino remains in profit. That is the reason why casinos are still operational and not bankrupt despite losing a lot of money daily because they earn way more than they lose. 

 So when the casino is already on the profitable side in the long run, then why would they need to rig the games for a few bucks and put their reputation, thousands of loyal players, and all the profit at risk. They would lose everything as nobody will like to play at a casino that is involved in rigging the games. Therefore, the casinos don’t rig due to these two reasons:

  1. They don’t need to rig when they are already making enough profit.
  2. They can’t afford to rig because the risks are much higher than the benefits.

Slot Machines That are Not Programmed

If you want to play at a slot machine that is not programmed and are wondering if there is any such then here’s the thing:

The old-school & old-fashioned slot machines are not programmed. Since they were invented way before the digital era hence they are not programmed. Instead, they work mechanically and manually.

Final Thoughts

Modern slot machines are programmed & they run on the RNG software which is responsible for giving out completely random & independent results so that you can enjoy a fair gaming experience. If you are newbie in slot games, new town casino support team are happy to help.