Mega888 Golden Tour Review

Mega888 online casino is one of the leading online casinos in the entire Malaysia & Singapore. They have a very huge collection of slot games available to play and you can choose any of them depending upon your taste & choice. However, the players have a hard time deciding which slot game to play because there are too many of them.

We are bringing the latest, detailed, and fully researched reviews of different slot games at the Mega888 online casino. In this article, we will be reviewing the Mega888 Golden Tour slot game in detail. Stay tuned to this article to know everything you need to know about the Golden Tour slot game.

Come on, let’s dive into it.

Introduction – What is Mega888 Golden Tour?

Golden Tour is a slot game developed by Play Tech developers & available to play at the Mega888 online casino. 

Although there are many other slot games available to play at Mega888 online casino, the Golden Tour slot has its own taste and fan base. What makes the Golden Tour slot game different from others is its simple, clear, & lightweight theme and design. You won’t find any fancy animations, visual effects, or some modern graphics because that is not what the game is built for. 

Golden Tour slot game features a simple design with very basic gameplay which makes the game very easy to play for all kinds of players. The game is decorated with a beautiful golf course theme featuring different golf accessories which makes you feel like you are playing golf between lush green meadows and clear blue sky.

Mega888 Golden Tour – Thing You Must Know

That was just a brief introduction to the Mega888 Golden Tour slot game and there’s a lot more that you must know about the game. So what Golden Tour slot game is all about? Let’s go on a journey to explore it. 

1. Friendly Gameplay for Everyone

The first thing that is so unique about the Golden Tour slot game is that it features very friendly gameplay for almost everyone. This game is so simple & easy to play that anyone with just basic knowledge can play it and win money. You don’t have to learn any specific strategies or skills to play this game. Everything is simple and a player of any level can easily learn to play this game.

2. Simple Relaxing Graphics

Many of the modern slot games out there have mind-blowing visual effects, animations, and graphics. This might be attractive for a lot of players but at the same time, it might be frustrating for some players as well.

The fact is that not all the players like those fancy glittery graphics, visual effects, and loud music in the background, etc. What they like to see is a relaxing and calm playing environment where they can play peacefully without any distraction.

If you are also that type of person who likes to play in a relaxing and soothing environment then the Golden Tour slot game is the way to go. The reason behind this is that the Mega888 Golden Tour slot game features very simple & basic graphics and visual effects, etc. The game design features a golf course with green grass, trees, blue sky, in the background which makes the entire atmosphere of the game very relaxing and calming. You will feel connected with the game and enjoy the interactive gameplay which will make you forget all the stress & worries.

3. Smooth Navigation

Another great feature that we have observed in the Mega888 Golden Tour slot game is that it is very easy to navigate. The user interface of the game has been designed & developed to provide optimized performance to the players. 

On the screen, you will find different navigation buttons that allow you to perform certain actions. The buttons include:

  • Play for Real Money
  • Spin button
  • Bet Max 
  • Bet One
  • Pay-table
  • Buy new chips
  • Menu 
  • Exit

Moreover, there are certain display sections as well which show your total balance, line bet, total bet, and winnings, etc. All this makes it easier for the player to understand the game better. They can spend their time enjoying the game instead of wasting it trying to understand how to perform a specific action in the game.

4. Pay lines & Reels

Mega888 Golden Tour slot game features a 5 x 5 game pattern. It means that there are 5 reels and 5 pay lines in the game. Your objective in the game is to land matching symbols on the screen. If you succeed in doing so, you will get the reward money depending upon the size of your bet & other relevant factors.

Here the key that is going to help you win big is that you should aim for the maximum bet as it gives you the highest reward. Moreover, we recommend you also aim for triggering the dollar ball progressive jackpot because it is going to help you win the maximum amount of money in the game. 

5. Beautiful Icons & Symbols for Golf Lovers

Previously, as said above that the Mega888 Golden Tour slot game covers everything about golf. If you are a big fan of golf then you are going to find this game so much exciting and attractive because there’s just golf-related stuff filled in the whole game.

You will find many beautiful symbols & icons featuring different golf accessories such as golf carts, golf balls, golf shoes, golf flags, and golf clubs, etc. All this stuff in a game makes it an ideal dream game for every golf lover out there. You have to get the matching symbols on screen after a spin and you’ll win the reward money which will depend upon the type of symbol that you’ll land. 

Mega888 Golden Tour – How to Win the Maximum Prize?

Here are some effective and proven tips dropped by our Mega888 Golden Tour slot game experts that are surely going to help you win the bigger prize:

1. Prefer Red & Blue Gold Balls

As per our observation, there are two types of symbols in the game, the common one & the special one (red and blue gold balls). If you will land any of the common symbols, you are going to win only a small amount of coins ranging from 5 to 250.

However, if you target the special symbols like the red & blue gold balls then you are going to win big. The reason is that these symbols are very rare and hence offer you big prize money ranging from 500-1000 coins.     

Here the optimal strategy would be not to completely rely on red & blue gold balls but to keep a balance between them and the common symbols. We recommend you keep red & blue gold balls as a primary target and also get the common symbols in between as they will help you keep the scoreboard flowing. The reason is that red & blue gold balls are rare and you won’t be getting them every time so it’s better to have a backup option in the form of the common symbols.

2. Target Wild & Scatter Symbols

Targeting the wild & scatter symbols in the game will help you win the big prize money. Here are the wild & scatter symbols that you should always target:

  •  The Golden Ball

This wild card can replace almost every card in the game and using it the right way can help you win up to 2,000 coins. 

  •  The Gopher

Getting 3 gopher symbols at once is going to help you win bonus money.

  •  The Duck

Getting 3 duck symbols at once also wins you bonus money.

  •  The Fish

The fish is the last scatter symbol of the game and landing it can help you win a big prize.

Final Words

Mega888 Golden Tour is a slot game that is simple, basic, and interesting. The game is fun to play and features everything about golf. It has 5 reels and 5 pay lines. You don’t need any super skills to play the Golden Tour slot game because it is so much easy that almost everyone can play it. You can even try the unpaid version of the game to practice and get your hands on the game before stepping into the paid version. 

Are you ready to play mega888 golden tour? If the answer is a big yes, please proceed to mega888 download page now.