Mega888 Great Blue Review

Mega888 is one of those online casinos out there that have a huge variety of games present in their collection. From traditional table games to modern arcade games, you will get to play any type of game according to your taste.

If you are a big fan of the ocean, its creatures, and its beauty, then Great Blue is the best game that you can find out there. In this article, we have come up with a comprehensive Mega888 Great Blue Review with all the relevant information you need about the game. So, let’s move on & find out what the Great Blue game is all about.

What is Mega888 Great Blue?

You are probably familiar with a different type of slot game at the casinos and Great Blue is also similar to that.

Great Blue is a marvelous slot game like the usual ones. The game is developed and designed around the ocean, its beauty, and its creatures. It has an under-water theme that gives you an attractive and very cool experience of how things look like in the deeper depths of the ocean.

The game has some extraordinary graphics and aesthetics that make the players fall in love with the game and the relaxing background music coupled with soothing effects keep the players completely focused and absorbed into the gameplay. Different types of fish and underwater plants are used to decorate the reels of the spin which makes the game even more interesting and exciting to play.

Now as you have learned that Great Blue is a slot game with an ocean theme involving sea creatures, so next we are going to explore what are your objectives in the Great Blue game.

Objectives & Gameplay of Mega888 Great Blue

Great Blue is a slot game and its objectives are exactly similar to the other slot games out there. There are specific numbers of reels in the game and you have to get the matching & winning combination on the reels to win a payout depending upon your bet.

  • In the Great Blue slot game; there are 5 reels and 25 pay line grids which are decorated with different creatures of the ocean. The game has an RTP value of over 96% which makes it a very profitable game to play.
  • If you want to win at the Great Blue slot game, you will have to get a matching combination of symbols on all of the five reels. Let’s suppose the symbol is a dolphin. Now, you will only win if all the 5 reels of the game show up a dolphin symbol at the end of the spin. Even if 4 of the reels show the same symbol and 1 does not, you will lose.
  • If you are looking for winning a maximum payout then all the symbols must perfectly line up left to right on all the reels and pay lines of the game.

You also get to play bonus rounds in between the game where you can win prestigious rewards like free spins and multipliers that will help you achieve an exponentially higher score & make more money.

How to Play Mega888 Great Blue?

The Great Blue slot game is not complex at all rather it is simpler than many of the slot games out there. If you are developing an interest in the game but do not know how you can play it then don’t worry because we are here to guide you about anything.

Follow this simple 3 step guideline to play Great Blue at Mega888 and win more often to make more money:

1. Create an Account at Mega888 Online Casino

To be eligible for playing the Great Blue slot game, you need to get yourself registered at the Mega888 online casino and create your account. The good thing is that you don’t have to get in your car and drive to somewhere for creating an account at Mega888 online casino. You can do it right now no matter wherever you are.

Just download their app, fill in the required relevant information and you are ready to go!

2. Deposit Your Money

Just like you buy casino chips for playing different games at a physical casino by depositing your money at the casino’s counter, you also have to deposit your money and get credits in return which you will use to play the Great Blue slot game.

Just connect your bank account to any of the payment gateways available at Mega888 online casino and deposit your money to get credits in return. You will use these credits to play the Great Blue slot game.

3. Open & Play the Game

Once you have deposited the money, it’s time to play the Great Blue slot game.

The game is simple; there are 5 reels & 25 pay lines in front of you on your screen with different symbols on them. You will press the spin button and all the reels will start spinning. If all the 5 reels give out the same symbols at the end of the spin, then you will be considered a winner and will receive your reward money but if you fail to get the matching 5 symbols then you will lose and you will have to try again.

This is how simple Great Blue is!

Great Blue – Winning Tips & Tricks

So far, we have learned what the Great Blue game is about and how can you play it. Now the real question which arrives here is that how can you win at Great Blue?

Follow these tips:

1. Get Electrifying Bonus

Make sure to chase down the stacked wilds and scatter symbols because those are the ones that get you an electrifying bonus. An electrifying bonus can help you win at least 33 free spins along with a 15X multiplier to boost your score exponentially.

2. Get the Oysters

Oysters can change the entire fate of the Great Blue game. If you will land on at least 3 oysters, it will activate a prestigious bonus for you and you will get 8 free spins along with a 2X multiplier to boost your score. After that, you will get a chance to pick up 2 more oysters out of 5 and you can again win a maximum of 33 free spins along with a super multiplier equal to 15X.

3. Practice before Play

The wise strategy for playing Great Blue at Mega888 is to practice and learn the game before you put your money at stake. We recommend you take some time learning and understanding the rules and working of the game to have better chances at winning Mega888 Great Blue.

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