Mega888 Jin Qian Wa Review

If you are a casino player or enthusiast in Malaysia & Singapore then you have probably heard of Mega888. Every casino player in Malaysia & Singapore is familiar with Mega888 due to the excellent services and gaming experience they provide to the players. At Mega888 online casino, you will find games of different genres, which make it a very diverse casino where you can play the games of your taste & choice whenever you want. When we talk about the games the Mega888 Jin Qian Wa slot has its unique identity.

The game has been played by a huge majority of players due to the excitement & joy it offers. Do you want to know more about Jin Qian Wa before you can jump in & start playing it? Well, we got it all laid out for you. 

So let’s jump straight into the article to know everything about the Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa slot game.

What is Mega888 Jin Qian Wa?

The term “Jin Qian Wa” means “Golden Coin Frog”. Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa is a famous slot game that is being played by thousands of casino players in Malaysia & Singapore.  

The best thing about the game is that it has been designed and decorated around ancient Chinese culture. The players from Malaysia & Singapore will feel a deeply personal & cultural connection with the game which will make it more interesting and rewarding for them.

There are 5 reels in the game along with 40 pay-lines. The design of the game involves wildlife symbols & tiles. If you are an animal & wildlife lover then you are surely going to enjoy the gameplay.

Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa – Everything You Need to Know

As we told you above the Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa slot game has been played by a huge majority of casino players in Malaysia & Singapore. So what’s special about the game that makes it so popular? What are the key features of this game? Let’s find out everything you need to know about the Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa slot game.

1. Classical Chinese Culture

Every day we all play different games but there are barely a few games that we feel personally connected to and Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa is one of them. The reason is that the game features elements from the Chinese culture. 

The money frog is considered to be a symbol of good fortune and wealth in Chinese culture and that’s why people place it at their shops and hotels to attract more good luck and money. 

Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa features the money frog symbol along with many other wildlife symbols. It means that you will get a lot of good luck at this game & more winning chances. When you will play a game that is reflecting your culture & traditions then you will find it much more enjoyable as compared to the other games.

2. Easy to Play

Many of the slot games out there in the market are very complex and beginners find it very hard to understand them. They are just designed to confuse the players and make them lose.

However, that is not the case with Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa. This slot game follows the classical reel style and features 3 rows & 5 reels. There are a total of 40 pay-lines in the game & all of them are adjustable. You can easily adjust them by pressing those minus-plus buttons. The 40 pay lines mean that you have 40 times winning chances.

All this stuff makes the game very flexible, easy to play & easy to understand for the players.

3. Big Range of Betting

Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa slot game provides you a big range of betting options. The betting system of the game has been designed in a way that is equally feasible for people with more or less money. 

Whether you want to play a higher bet or a lower one, you will get to do both in this game. The reason is that the Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa slot game has 40 pay-lines and you can select/unselect them according to your best choice. The 40 pay lines in the game add a lot of variety to the betting options.

If you will select all the 40 pay lines then your lowest bet amount will kick off from RYM 40 & the maximum bet amount would be up to RYM 12,000. It means that you can start from as low as RYM 40 & go up to RYM 12,000. This is quite a good offer. If you want to give this game a try, please download the APK from newtown login page.

4. Very Attractive Symbols 

Another major feature that makes the Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa slot game very interesting to play is its attractive symbols. The symbols in the game beautifully designed so that the players find them pleasing and stay absorbed and focused in the game. Here’s a list of some of the popular symbols in the game:

  • Golden Toad – It is the most paying symbol in the game which is also called the wild symbol. If you are lucky enough to score 5 golden toads at once then you will get a reward of up to 1,000 coins. 
  • Yin & Yang – The second most paying symbol after the golden toad is the yin & yang. If by chance you score 5 of them at once then you will be rewarded with 500 coins.
  • The Elephant – It is the 3rd most paying symbol and you get 250 coins for getting 5 of them at once.
  • The Dragon – It has the same payout as the elephant and gets you 250 coins for getting 5 matching symbols.
  • The Turtle – You will also get 250 coins for getting 5 matching turtle symbols.

5. Free Spins & Bonuses 

Today, bonuses & free spins are the most important things that should exist in a slot game. Even the players check for the free spins & bonuses before putting their money in a game.

Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa slot game also offers free spins & bonuses to the players so that they can enjoy an exciting gaming experience. Don’t know how to unlock the free spins & bonus? Here’s how:

  • Focus on Target Symbol 

Two symbols in the game will help you trigger free spins and those are “Wild” & “Scatter”. The wild symbol is the one with the money frog & the scatter symbol is the one with the Chinese words “Jin Qian Wa” written in the Chinese language over it. Keep your focus on getting these two symbols to activate a free spin bonus round.

  • Hit the Matching Combo

Next, what you have to do is to get a matching combination of either the “Wild” symbol or the “Scatter symbol”. If you get three of those symbols together then it will activate the free spins round where you get 8 free spins. If you use the free spin & hit the matching combination of those symbols again then you will get more free spins in addition to the previous ones. This way you will keep growing & have exponentially more chances of winning. 


Mega 888 Jin Qian Wa slot game offers you a lot of fun & excitement. The game has a beautiful and aesthetically attractive design that makes the game more engaging and interesting to play. Moreover, the striking resemblance of the game with classical Chinese culture is also among the best things that players from Malaysia & Singapore would love to see.

Overall, the game is easy to play as there’s a lot of flexibility. You have 40 pay lines and you can adjust the size of your bet as per your choice. The free spins & bonuses add more thrill & entertainment into the game as well as provide you more winning chances to make more money.

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