Mega888 Ocean King Review

Mega888 online casino has got some of the best collections of games out there which makes them one of the best online casinos out there. At the same time, it is very confusing for players to decide which game is best for them and which one is not.

No matter what types of games you like, you are just going to love the Ocean King game at Mega888. The fun, thrill, and excitement associated with the game make it very attractive and pleasant to play.

We have come up with a detailed Mega888 Ocean King review for you and covered every single detail you need to know about the game before you start playing & enjoying it.

Let’s jump in & see what Mega888’s Ocean King is all about.

What is Ocean King?

Ocean King is one of the marvelous fishing games that are enriched with fun, thrill, and excitement. Casino fishing games like Ocean King have been the center of attraction for thousands of players because of the cheerful experience they offer to the players.

Ocean King has some of the best visual graphics that you can get in any casino fishing game as they are aesthetically attractive and keep the player focused & absorbed into the game. Moreover, the beautiful colors and sound effects make the game more interesting to play.

Wondering about how the game actually works and what’s your role in the game? Here is it.

Objectives of Ocean King

Ocean King is a fishing game in which there are several different species of fish roaming around. The role of the player is to use a gun and shoot those fishes. When you will shoot a fish, you will get points based on the type of fish and the way you killed it. You can select the aim, power, and acceleration of your gun as per your own choice and then make the best out of it and kill more fishes.

If you are curious about the different types of fishes in the game then the thing is that there are multiple different fishes in the game and you get different amounts of points for killing each of them. For example, there are Flying fish, Sharks, Spearfish, Clownfish, Ancient crocodiles, Lionfish, and much more.

Some fish are easy to kill and give you fewer points while some fish are hard to kill but give you a large number of points. Dark monster, Octopus, Crocodile, and Crab are the tougher ones to kill but at the same time, they offer you plenty of points to win. So, the next time these big fish appear on your screen, just don’t let them go alive because they are going to help you win the game due to the big points they offer.

Now you have probably learned what Ocean King exactly is and what your role exactly is in the game. So the next thing you might be thinking here is how do you play the game? What are the effective winning strategies? Let’s find them out.

How Do You Play Mega888 Ocean King?

We got an easy few-step guideline for you that will help you get started with Ocean King, score higher points, and win the game to make money.

Here is what you have to do:

1. Register at Mega888

First of all, you have to sign up and get yourself registered at the Mega888 online casino to be eligible for playing Mega888 Ocean King.

Go to the official website of Mega888, enter the required relevant details of yourself, and get your account ready in no time.  Once you have an account at Mega888, you will not only be able to play Mega888 Ocean king but you can enjoy plenty of other games as well.

2. Deposit Your Money

In physical casinos, you deposit your money at the casino’s money counter and get casino chips in return which you use to play different games. Similarly, you will have to deposit your money at Mega888 online casino to be eligible for playing Ocean King.

You can connect your bank account with the payment gateways available at Mega888 and deposit your money. Once your money is deposited, you will get bullets in return. You will use those bullets in the Ocean King game to kill different fish. The more bullets you have, the more chances you can take in the game. However, people often win big rewards in Ocean King even with a small number of bullets.

3. Open the Game & Choose your Weapon

In the next step, you have to open the game & get ready to play.

Here you must choose the right weapon according to your choice because different players like different weapons and it have been observed that players score higher points with the help of their favorite weapons. We recommend you check the power & speed of the weapons and choose the most powerful ones because the big fishes having big points can only be killed with the help of powerful weapons. So, make your choice carefully.

4. Aim & Lock the Target Fish

You have probably already played a lot of shooting games where you just aim, lock, and shoot different targets. The same is the case with Ocean King.

Hold your breath, judge the speed and direction of the fish you are going to target, and set your aim on it.

Multiple fish are moving in the game at the same time & each of them has different points that you will earn if you shoot them successfully. So, we recommend you keep your mind open carefully select the fish you are going to target. You should also remember the point values of each fish as it will help you calculate and analyze your score to win big.

5. Shoot the Fish

Once you have aimed the target fish, the next step is to look for the perfect opportunity to shoot that fish and take it down.

Shooting the fish is all about pressing the shoot button but that’s not the end. What matters the most is whether if your shot hits the fish or not.

Keep your mind sharp and carefully analyze the direction of the target fish and the speed with which it is moving. Select the aim & power of your weapon and press the shoot button to kill the fish.

6. End the Game & Collect your Earnings

Once you used all of your bullets and taken all the shots then it’s time to end the game and move towards the result to collect the money you have won.

Your winning earning will depend upon how many fish you killed and how many points you got from killing them. More points will mean a bigger earning and fewer points will mean a smaller earning.

Mini-Games of Ocean King

You will be glad to know that there are a lot of mini-games in Ocean King as well that will provide you more options to play:

1. Bomb Crab

You have to capture a bomb crab and then it’ll explode. The bigger the destruction, the more points you will earn.

2. Thunder Chain

In thunder chain, there are 9 different types of fish and you have to capture them to win points. If you catch the maximum of them, you will get maximum points.

Mega888 Ocean King – Roadmap to Victory

Here are three simple steps that will help you get better at Mega888 Ocean King & boost your winnings:

1. Understand the Game First

It’ll be foolish if someone just deposits their money and start playing Ocean King without knowing anything about it.

 We recommend you start with demo games and learn everything about how the games. Understand all the rules and develop your strategies to get a higher score and win the game by killing more fish.

2. Avoid Aiming Big Fish Every Time

As you know that if you will kill the big fish, you will get more points. But at the same time, you need to remember that the big fish are the ones that are actually the most difficult to kill. So, there are chances that you might miss some shots as well. Therefore, you should also keep shooting small fish in between because they are the easiest to kill and get you some easy points.

We recommend you keep a smooth balance between small and big fish to have better chances of winning the maximum points.

3. Learn to Stop

Always remember that Ocean King is highly addictive and you will find it difficult to stop yourself from playing the game all the time. We recommend you set a daily bet limit that you should not exceed in any case. Always bet on the amount of money that you can afford to lose because it is necessary for your mental health. Don’t be frustrated if you are failing to win, just take a leave and come back again on some other day to try your luck again. That’s what gambling on Mega888 Ocean King is all about!

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