Mega888 Panther Moon Review

Casino slot games are so much fun. However, many players also struggle with them because there are just too many of them out there in the market. The players often lose their mind when it comes to choosing any one of the slot games as there’s so much complexity and confusion.

They find it very difficult to determine which slot game is the best for them and what are the key features that they will get for playing any particular slot game.

We are on a mission to make things easier and clearer for you and that’s why we are bringing the latest and detailed researched reviews of different slot games for you so that you can find your best choice. Today, we are going to drop a detailed review of Mega888 Panther Moon.

Don’t waste any time and dive straight into the article to find out all you need to know about Mega888 Panther Moon.

Introduction – What is Mega888 Panther Moon?

Mega888 online casino is renowned for providing a lot of games to play for its players & Panther Moon is one of the best slot games that you can play at Mega888. 

What makes Panther Moon different from other slot games out there is the fact that it has some of the best graphics and provides you with more chances of winning a jackpot as compared to the other games. The game has 15 pay lines with 5 reels & 3 rows. The overall conceptual design of the game revolves around the Black Panther in the jungle.

The amazing fact is that getting 5 of those Black Panthers together can win you a mega prize of up to 900,000 coins. You can place your bet as per your choice and try your luck at any time. The betting limit starts from $0.01 coin & can go up to $2. The maximum limit per round is up to $300.

The game is best for all kinds of players with some extraordinary graphics and visuals featuring Black Panther in jungle themes which will make you instantly fall in love with it.

Mega888 Panther Moon – All the Hot Features 

Here the question in your mind would be that there are hundreds of other slot games out there, so why should you prefer playing Mega888 Panther Moon over those games?

What are some of the hot features you get for playing Mega888 Panther Moon? So here’s the thing:

1. Optimized Performance on Different Platforms

It has been observed that different slot games lack that consistency in quality when it comes to performing on different platforms. Some of them work well on the mobile phone only, some on PC, and some on a tablet.

Mega888 Panther Moon slot game has been designed and developed in a way that it ensures equally smooth and optimized performance on multiple platforms such as mobile phone, PC, and tablet. It means that you will be able to enjoy this game regardless of what kind of device you are using to play.

2. Amazing Graphics & Visuals

The quality of graphics and visuals of a game are two important factors that determine whether if a particular game is interesting or boring to play. You probably won’t like playing a game with dull, boring visuals & graphics. 

Mega888 Panther Moon is famous for having marvelous graphics. The design & decoration of the game revolves around the Black Panther in the jungle. The classical combination of Black Panther feline, rich aesthetics, colors, and the jungle makes the game so much attractive that you are going to fall in love with it at the first sight. The game features a black and dark purple theme which makes you feel like you are playing in a mysterious jungle at night. 

The game is easy to navigate & control as everything is laid out clearly and visibly. On your screen, you will find different buttons & digits like your bet, pay lines, spin, and plus-minus buttons to control the bet & pay lines, etc. To sum up, the game is easy to navigate and got some high-quality graphics & visuals that you should never ignore at any cost.

3. Easy to Play for Everyone

The best thing about Panther Moon is that is easy to play for almost everyone!

Whether you are a pro-casino gambler or you are just starting with casino games, you will find it easy to understand & play Mega888 Panther Moon. The reason behind this is that you don’t need any kind of technical knowledge or skills for playing Mega888 Panther Moon. All you need is a little bit of luck & you are ready to play Panther Moon whenever you want. 

4. Good Volatility & RTP

Mega888 Panther Moon got some good volatility & RTP figures which suggest that you can actually win money playing this game. It’s not like you are only going to win once in a thousand spins or what so ever. The RTP of this game is up to 95.18% which means that you have solid chances of winning here. 

The data suggests that you can win money regularly at Mega888 Panther Moon without the need of placing extremely high wagers. This makes Mega888 Panther Moon an ideal slot game with fewer risk factors because you have significant chances of winning small money regularly. 

5. Attractive Bonuses 

Bonuses are that one crucial factor which makes any game more & more interesting for the players. The reason is that every player has a deep desire to play more games and win more money. Bonuses provide the players with that golden opportunity to take more chances & win more money.

Panther Moon slot game is developed with a lot of bonuses for the players & there are a lot of rewards awaiting you in the game. 

  • Wild Symbol

The panther in the game acts as the wild symbol. Getting a combination of panthers will get you a win & you will get the mega prize for that.

  • Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is responsible for getting you free spins! The good thing is you can aim for scatter symbols unlimited times and get the free spin bonus every time you successfully land it. If you will land 3 or more than 3 scatter symbols at once then you will get 15 free spins along with a 3X multiplier! Do you know what this means? It means that all the wins you will land on free spins will be tripled. That’s the exact reason why players love to play Mega888 Panther Moon!

6. Free Slot for Practice

It is utterly wrong to randomly jump into a game before knowing anything about it. If you also don’t know what Mega888 Panther Moon is about then you should not risk your money by starting with the paid version.

Instead, spend some time playing the free version of the game which will help you understand the game better. We recommend you play the free version of Panther Moon slots for at least 100-200 spins as it will help you gain more experience & knowledge about the game. Overall, the game is easy to understand/play & you will learn it easily in a short time.


Mega888 Panther Moon is a slot game with very attractive visuals & quality graphics. The theme and design of the game revolve around Black Panther & jungle. The game makes you feel like you are playing in a mysterious jungle on a dark purple night. 

The game is optimized for smooth performance on multiple different platforms. It is easy to navigate & control as everything is laid out on the screen very neatly. There are a lot of attractive bonuses & visual effects that will make you feel absorbed in the game and you will love to play it all the time. 

To play this game, please go to newtown login page and chat with the support team. You may also want to learn how to win big in mega888.