Mega888 vs 918Kiss

Online casinos are taking the gambling industry of Malaysia & Singapore onto another level. Today, more and more players are getting interested in playing online casinos as they are usually more flexible and easy to access as compared to land-based casinos. You can play them at any time and from anywhere you want regardless of the limits and restrictions of time and space.

The two giant and leading online casinos in Malaysia & Singapore are 918Kiss and Mega888. Players always have a hard time choosing any one of them because both are famous for providing excellent quality of services to the players. So, which one of them is better? Let’s do a detailed Mega888 VS 918Kiss comparison to understand things in detail.

Grab a cup of tea and some popcorns because you are about to witness the clash of two titans in this article. Let’s jump straight into it without any delay.

What is Mega888 Online Casino?

Mega888 is an online casino that is providing you an opportunity to enjoy a nonstop casino gaming experience on your mobile device at any time, and anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore. They were launched back in 2018 and since then they have been providing excellent services to their customers. Their services include a huge collection of games available to play, smooth and stable gaming platform, a user-friendly interface, superb customer care, foolproof security, and easy banking transactions. 

All these features make Mega888 one of the best online casinos out there in Malaysia and Singapore because they provide you an all-in-one package by offering excellent services. 

What is 918Kiss Online Casino?

918Kiss is among the leading online casinos in Malaysia & Singapore which allow the players to play nonstop casino games from their home using the internet. 

918Kiss is a rebranded version of the famous online casino SCR888. It was rebranded back in 2018 and since that time, it has gained an exponential amount of players and fan following due to the excellent services they provide.

918Kiss online casino is very easy to access and offers a lot of games to play along with very attractive promotions and bonuses to the players. The quality and quantity of games will always keep you interested and absorbed into the games. Moreover, the security protocols, platform’s stability, banking system, and customer are of premium quality and at par with the international quality standards.

So this was just a basic introduction to 918Kiss & Mega888 online casino. Next, we will explore the hot features of both the casinos along with the differences and similarities between 918Kiss and Mega888 online casinos. 

Similarities between Mega888 & 918Kiss

Mega888 and 918Kiss are among the best online casinos that are available in Malaysia & Singapore. Let’s take a look at the similar things you will find between both these online casinos:

1. Located in Asia

In the early 2000s, the people in the Asian continent were desperately longing for an online casino that was based in Asia and that wait finally ended once for all. The best thing about Mega888 & 918Kiss online casinos is that both of them are located in Asia. It means that whether you are living in Singapore or anywhere else in Malaysia, you will enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience according to your taste and choice.

Here you might be thinking that what’s so special about being located in Asia? Well, it’s actually very special because if you will play at an online casino based in your region, you will enjoy playing even more. After all, all the games, themes, and music would be structured around your culture and society. 

Just take Mega888 & 918Kiss online casinos as an example, many of their games such as the slots and fishing ones are decorated & structure around the culture of Asian regions like Malaysia & Singapore. You will yourself familiar and deeply connected with all the colors, symbols, themes, and music in the background and find yourself getting absorbed into them. All of these things make the whole gaming experience way more interesting & fascinating than ever before.

 This is the reason why 918Kiss & Mega888 have thousands of players from the Asian region because they feel like it’s their home and they don’t need to go anywhere else. 

2- Big Range of Games

Games are that one big factor that either makes or breaks the reputation of an online casino. The reason is quite obvious that anyone who is joining an online casino is looking for quality entertainment which can only be provided by a good quality & quantity of games. Players easily get bored of playing a few games over and over again thus they need more options to try and keep the thrill alive because that’s what makes a quality online casino.

918Kiss & Mega888 online casinos completely understand this factor and that’s why they have got a very big collection of games available for you to play. Some players like to play table games like baccarat, blackjack, Sic Bo, poker, and roulette whereas some players love modern arcade games like slots, fishing, and racing, etc.

918Kiss & Mega888 online casinos are an all-in-one package for you because they got all types of games covered for you. From modern arcade games to traditional casino table games; you will find almost everything at these two casinos. The quality of the games is also just mesmerizing due to the premium graphics and sound effects which keep the players interested, absorbed, and focused on the game. 

3. Mobile Friendly

The trend of smartphones is overtaking the world rapidly. Today, there are more than 30.4 million and 4.65 million mobile phone users in Malaysia & Singapore respectively. Do you know how big these numbers are? Well, they are more than 90 percent of the population of Malaysia and Singapore. 

When almost everyone has a smartphone in Malaysia & Singapore, then how about providing them an online casino gaming platform that is mobile friendly so that everyone can easily access and play online casino games? Sounds legit, right?

918Kiss & Mega888 online casinos have a mobile-friendly platform that is completely functional, responsive, supportive, and flexible. You can easily get it from your browser or Apple & Google Play stores respectively. This is a great utility for casino lovers because things have been made so much easier for you. Whenever you feel like you are down or bored, just take out your mobile phone and start playing and gambling on different games. No matter whether you have IOS or android, 918Kiss & Mega888 will work on both platforms.

4. Good Customer Care

Customer care plays a very solid role in the reputation of an online casino. When the players deposit their precious money at an online casino, they expect the casino to treat them with great respect and care. 

The fact is that when you are playing at an online casino, you are more likely to face technical problems as there will be no one around to help you out. Therefore, there is a big need for a customer care team that will address and solve your problems. 

918Kiss & Mega888 online casino has one of the best customer care services as compared to any of the other online casinos out there. Whenever you face a problem while playing on their platforms, you can contact their customer care team through the respective channels and they will reply to you immediately. The best thing is that they are available 24/7 so whenever you face a problem, you can report it immediately and get a solution straight away. 

Excellent customer care is something that you will find at 918Kiss & Mega888 equally. 

5. Stability

The key to a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience is the stability of the platform. You probably don’t want to play on an unstable platform where the games are lagging due to poor connectivity which results in loss of concentration in the game and you eventually lose.

918Kiss & Mega888 online casino take this thing very seriously and they have designed a very stable and smoothly functioning platform for their players. They got a well-equipped and qualified IT team that is constantly working to fix any bugs in the platform and maintain it regularly to keep it updated with the latest technology. 

At Mega888 & 918Kiss you will find equally stable platforms with good server connectivity that will help you enjoy the thrill of casino gaming without any inconvenience.

6. Licensing & Fair Play

One of the major features of Mega888 & 918Kiss online casinos is that both of them are licensed and follow the principles of fair play. When we say that these 2 casinos are licensed, it means that they are internationally recognized and all the software they use is audited and tested by the licensing authorities and declared to be fair. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any kind of cheating or rigging at 918Kiss & Mega888 online casino because everything is clear & fair.

These were the similarities between 918Kiss & Mega888 online casinos. Now let’s take a detailed look at the differences between both of them.

Differences between 918Kiss & Mega888

What are the things that give Mega888 and 918Kiss online casinos an edge over each other? Let’s take a look at the unique features they don’t share with each other:

1. Experience

If you are looking to play at an old-aged and experienced online casino then 918Kiss is the way to go for you.

918Kiss online casino has an edge over Mega888 online casino because it is in the market way before than Mega888 online casino.

Mega888 online casino was launched in 2018 whereas 918Kiss is in the market for many years before 2018. Although on papers, you will find that 918Kiss was also launched in 2018 but that’s technically incorrect.

918Kiss is a rebranded version of the SCR888 online casino which has been in the Malaysia & Singapore market for years before 2015. So to sum up, 918Kiss online casino is way more experience than Mega888 online casino. 

The perk of playing at a more experienced online casino is that since they are in the market for a long time, you can easily get a lot of information about them. It’s because so many players have already played there over time so you can also find some reviews about their experience at the casino. However, when it comes to providing excellent services, Mega888 & 918Kiss are always equal.

2. Use of Latest Technology

Experts have found that Mega888 online casino uses more advanced technology and software as compared to 918Kiss online casino.

The user interface, servers, and entire platform of Mega888 are built around the latest technology and software as Mega888 is more concerned with the infrastructure they use. 

3. Types of Games

Mega888 & 918Kiss online casinos have an edge over each other when it comes to the types of games. So here’s the thing:

  • If you are more into playing slot games then 918Kiss is the best option for you. 918Kiss online casino has much better and quality slot games than Mega888 therefore we will recommend you go with 918Kiss if you want to play slot games.
  • If you love playing fishing games then Mega888 online casino is the option for you. The reason is quite obvious that Mega888 has no match when it comes to fishing games. Their fishing games have better graphics and smooth gameplay as compared to the ones at 918Kiss.

918Kiss or Mega 888 – Final Verdict

Here you are surely thinking about the final verdict that which one of them is better? Is it 918Kiss or Mega888? What do we conclude from this whole discussion?

Well, if you ask for an honest answer then here’s the thing.

Both Mega888 & 918Kiss online casinos are equally famous for providing high-quality services to the players. From smooth and stable gaming to tight security, smooth banking, and good customer care; you will get all of this at both these casinos. 

The only slightest difference is with the types of games. If you want to play slot games then we recommend you steer away to 918Kiss because their slot games are way better than Mega888. However, if you are going to play fishing games then we recommend you go to Mega888 online casino because their fishing games have better graphics, music, and gameplay as compared to 918Kiss.

Overall, Mega888 & 918Kiss provide excellent services at any time & you can choose any of them to enjoy a thrilling & exciting experience of online casino gaming and winning money. If you are ready to play, please feel free to visit newtown slot. Our representative will assist you.