What to do before going to casino to attract fortune

We all go to the casino with a single mission and that is to win as many games as possible and come back home richer. However, practically it is not that much easy because beating the casino games is not a cakewalk. The fact is that most casino games are very difficult to beat as they are all about your luck and involve no skill.

Therefore, it is loud & clear that you need a lot of luck & fortune to win at a casino and make more money. So what to do before going to a casino to attract fortune? Let’s take a detailed look at this article.

Good Luck to Bring to Casino

The majority of the casino games have a mathematical advantage over you which significantly reduces your chances of winning. It means that you will have a tough time while playing as you won’t be winning much frequently. Therefore, you need to have a lot of luck on your side. Follow these tips to bring good luck to the casino:

1. Dress Color

The color of your dress plays an important role in bringing positive vibes & good luck to the casino. There are certain colors with certain attributes associated with them. For example, the black color symbolizes death, darkness, and bad luck. Therefore, you should avoid it at the casino. On the other hand, yellow & red colors are famously known for bringing happiness, hope, and positivity. So, you can try wearing a yellow or red outfit at the casino and hope that the odds turn on your side.

2. Wear Shoes on the Wrong Feet

There have been a lot of myths among the casino players that wearing shoes on the wrong feet cancels all the bad luck and brings good luck to the game. It might feel strange to you but you can give it a try because nobody is going to look at your feet when you are sitting at a table and playing the game. The pivot of focus of everyone around would be the game and not your feet. So, there’s no harm in giving it a try.

3. Drink While Playing

Drinking your favorite beverage while playing at the casino will also bring lots of good luck to you. It has been observed that when you drink during the game, you stay hydrated, and thus your mind becomes sharper and you can make smart and effective decisions on the game that will help you to win.

4. Tap Your Fingers

Have you observed that whenever you are going to shake the dice or press the spin button on a slot, you never do it instantly in a single go? Instead, you wait for a while unless your inner self is satisfied and allows you to do it. 

Actually, at that time your mind is calling for good fortune and positive vibes. Tapping your fingers a couple of times before doing something big will also give you inner satisfaction and bring in good fortune to the casino. It’s because when your inner self is satisfied then you have stronger chances of beating the odds.

Prayer for Gambling Luck

Another important factor that can be very rewarding and bring you good fortune is prayers. 

When you will pray before going to the casino for gambling, you will feel inner satisfaction & peace of mind. This will surround you with a lot of happiness, peace, positivity, and good luck which will follow you all the way to the casino and provide you with exponentially more winning chances.

The best way for praying is to wake up early in the morning and go to a peaceful place with a serene atmosphere and then ask God for good fortune and positive vibes to win.

How to Get Rid of Bad Luck in Gambling?

Getting rid of bad luck is something very important that you need to win. We got some proven and effective tips for you that are going to keep the bad luck away and bless you with good fortune & positivity:

1. Believe You Can

When you believe in something with your pure heart & mind then nothing can stop that from happening. Always keep in mind that whenever you put firm believe and trust in something that is going to happen then all the powers of the universe work in your favor to actually make it happen. 

Therefore, whenever you are going for gambling at the casino, always have a firm belief that you are going to win today; you are going to hit the jackpot. This way all the positive powers around you will amplify in strength and start working to make it happen for you.

2. Exercise Regularly

A healthy and sharp mind is something that will help you a lot while gambling at the casino. You will be able to think freely and create out-of-the-box solutions to different situations you will face in the games. All this is possible if you will have a healthy, strong, and sharp mind.

We recommend you exercise regularly as it sharpens your brain & keeps it healthy. A sharp mindset is going to help you make better decisions at the casino and bring a lot of good fortune & good vibes to you.

3. Do Some Charity

It is a universal and proven fact that you get what you give around. If you will spread positivity and happiness in the communities around you then nature will return you the same thing in return. 

When you are going gambling at a casino, you are wishing to win more games & get more money. Before going to the casino, we recommend you do charity and give some money to the poor and homeless people who need it. 

It’s because when you will help out the people in need then nature will also come out to help you with good fortune at the casino. You will feel like some mysterious forces are working around & miraculously making things happen in your favor.

Amulet for Gambling Luck

This is the most common practice by every casino player for bringing positivity and good luck to the casino. They carry a lucky amulet or bracelet with them every time they go to the casino. The lucky amulet keeps all the negative energies away and promotes positivity & good luck in the game. 

Therefore, if you also have a lucky amulet, bracelet, ring, or something else then don’t hesitate to bring it to the casino. You never know when things start working out and you get blessed with a lot of good luck that helps you win the games.

Lucky Gambling Days

You can also amplify your luck by going for gambling on specific days that are considered to be lucky for gambling. Following are the lucky gambling days:

  1.  Friday – considered a sacred day full of positivity & good fortune.
  2.  Monday – considered a lucky day for gambling as the casinos are almost empty on Mondays.
  3.  Weekend – full of happiness, cheer, and good luck because everyone is enjoying the holidays.
  4.  Stormy Weather – storms reflect freshness and romance, so gambling on a stormy day will also bring you a good fortune & lucky vibes. 

Lucky Color for Gambling

As we mentioned above that your dress color influences the vibes & luck you carry around. Therefore, you must go with the right choice of colors. Studies & experience of other casino players have shown that the following colors are the best choice for attracting good fortune & lucky vibes:

  1.  Red
  2.  Yellow
  3.  Green

You can carry these colors to the casinos and the good fortune will surround you itself. This tricks may also work in live online casino malaysia.