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About Us

With more than 15 years of being a market leader in the online gaming industry, Newtown Casino is no longer stranger in the gaming and entertainment market. Having the required know-how from gaming experience to total customer satisfaction, we have revolutionized gaming platforms to better serve our valued customers.

From old school slots, to latest Marvel titles, video poker, live casino, arcade to progressive games, we offer the most comprehensive varieties of gaming contents to satisfy your entertaining needs. 

Our promotion packages, and regular lucky draw have alwasy been the center stage to better pamper our audience. Be it a new member, or existing one, we have the right promotion to incent you throughout the stay with us!

We pride ourselves on our highest level of customer excellence through these years, which makes us the market contender. Featuring 24/7 customer support service, we provide the shortest response-time compared to any rivals in the segment. Not only that, customers reckon the fact that the promotions, lucky draw prizes and payouts are always honored and prompt.

What are you waiting for? Let your hair down and experience the thrill of Newtown gaming today!